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10 Top Smartphone Apps for the College Student

Sep 9, 2012

College students have it easy today with all the great gadgets they get to use. They have iPhones, iPads, and all those apps to put on them. They are not only a great convenience but have become a necessity. Many high schools and colleges are now making them required. Schools are starting to put their text books on them and requiring homework and term papers to be submitted completely digitally.

College student have been finding the best apps to get work done because they save them a lot of time. Today you can throw away your notebooks, word processors, and textbooks. Here's a list of a recent survey by college students of the best apps for college life.

1. Chegg - Created by the textbook peddlers at, the Chegg iPhone app is a free tool for renting textbooks. Students can find and order textbooks on the go by searching by name or number, or by scanning the book’s barcode with the iPhone’s camera.

2. EZ Read - EZ Read brings the entire collection of to the iPhone. Read book summaries, take quizzes, and explore the world of Huckleberry Finn in less than the time than it takes to walk to class. While your teachers might not approve of EZ Read, your social life will.

3. Wi-Fi Finder - As its name suggests, Wi-Fi Finder uses your GPS-monitored location to find open Wi-Fi networks nearby. Wi-Fi access points can be filtered by location type, and the app helpfully provides contact information and directions to the nearest coffee shop providing open internet access.

4. Wikipanion - Wikipedia remains the number one research stop for every student researching a paper. To enable that access on the fly, Wikipanion is a free app that enables you to remotely search and explore Wikipedia’s seemingly endless database of entries.

5. Instapaper - Instapaper for iPhone is a fantastically simple app that saves web pages for viewing later. They are then optimized for the iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen and can be viewed offline without requiring internet access.

6. iPhone Casino Games - Whether your waiting for the next class to start or in line for a taco, you can take some time off and relax with a little casino fun.

7. Quizlet - 10 million free sets of digital flashcards, Quizlet offers students a variety of ways to study course materials. After choosing a flashcard set or creating a new set, students have the option of four study styles, along with two varieties of flashcard games that strive to bring an entertainment factor to studying.

8. Outliner - Students can organize notes, tasks, and projects, and create and edit outlines with Outliner. Available on the iPhone and iPad, the app includes an editor tool, which enables users to make quick changes to documents created in Outliner. Outliner uses the cloud service Dropbox, so students can easily share their outlines, task lists, and projects from any computer or Web-enabled device.

9. inClass - This free iPhone and iPad app provides students with the tools to keep up with material in the classroom without missing out on their professors' lectures. Using inClass, students can record audio, take text or video notes, and create images of slides or handouts. Students can also use the app to share materials.

10. iProcrastinate - This app allows college students to make to-do lists and tasks by listing the steps it will take to finish them. Students can set levels of importance for each task, and iProcrastinate tells students to break them down into sections—making projects simpler. For class projects, lists can be shared and managed by multiple students.

There are plenty of other apps that you would find useful as they help you manage your college timetable and assignments. A simple search through the app market would result in thousands of great apps that every student would love.
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  1. I was wondering if there were android application development variants of these apps out on the market. It would be a great help for more students if these were multi-platform apps.

  2. You have some really good ideas in this article "10 Top Smartphone Apps for the College Student ". I am glad I read this. I agree with much of what you state in this article. Your information is thought-provoking, interesting and well-written. Thank you.


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