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How You Can Save on College Textbook Expenses

Aug 29, 2012

The college session is approaching and it is that time when you need to spend a lot for the tuition fees, textbooks, and even food and lodging expenses. College textbooks can be pricey and the expenses of buying them can eat up a considerable portion of your college budget. However, there are ways to save on college textbook expenses. Just go through the following points and see which of them are most feasible for you.

1) Comparison shopping

Comparison shopping will typically help you save money on your college textbook expenses. There are various websites such as eBay, Amazon, Bookfinder, Bigwords, and TextbookPriceComparison that sell books online. By surfing these sites, you will be able to check prices and comparison shop. If possible, note down ISBN numbers of books from the campus bookstore or college library and use them for comparison shopping. Bestbookbuys is a popular comparison website for college textbooks.

2) Go for E-books

If you are comfortable with studying e-books, then go for them. A host of useful college textbooks are available online in the form of e-books. Most of them are available free of cost so you can download them without even spending a single penny. There are sites like Pearson Education and McGraw-Hill Education that frequently offer e-books on higher studies. CourseSmart offers e-books at considerably affordable prices.

3) Visit the college library

Don’t purchase all the books that you are instructed to purchase. Instead, go to the college library and see whether it lends you the books you need. Try to take notes from the college textbooks and photocopy their important pages.

4) Go for textbook rental system

Many college textbooks are now available on rental. So, by paying a small amount of money, you can read the college textbooks of your choice and keep them for a certain period of time, for example for the whole semester. Chegg and Book Renter are popular textbook rental sites. Follow social media networking sites like Facebook to get attractive offers.

5) Look for used textbooks

Used textbooks often come at a significantly cheaper price than new textbooks. Therefore, you can save a lot of money on your college textbook spend. You can look for open-source and subsidized textbooks as well.

6) Swap with your classmates

Swap the books that you have with the books that you don’t have with your classmates. This is also a surefire technique to save money. is a site which offers opportunity to swap books.

Author Bio: Jane is a well-recognized blog writer. She has been linked with She also provides effective tips on small business, college financing, payday loans, retirement plans and moneymaking.

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