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What are Prepaid Tuition Plans?

Posted on Aug 18, 2017 with No comments
Used through state 529 plans and personal colleges, pre-paid tuition strategies are a method to pay beforehand for your kid's college education. You secure the present rate when you begin paying, so you can prevent the greater tuition rate that you 'd likely pay in the future.

For instance, moms and dads who save for one term's expense of tuition at today's rates for their 2-year-old would have the ability to pay at that locked-in rate for a term's worth of education when their young child is old enough to go off to college.

Prepaid tuition plans don't have all the benefits of a 529 Plan but they do have many good attributes that can fulfill your college funding needs.

It's Even Better

Usually, pre-paid tuition strategies just cover the expense of classes and do not cover room and board or other additional expenditures.

In most cases, you or your kid need to be a legal resident of that state, so you cannot purchase a pre-paid tuition strategy of another state.

In selecting your technique of payment, you can either save for the whole expense of tuition at the same time or make routine payments through a time payment plan. Pre-paid tuition plans normally are for community colleges along with four-year universities.

It's not all perfect concerning pre-paid tuition strategies. The problem is that just 11 states use them. The bright side is that private colleges have them, too.

How Does it work?

When you purchase a pre-paid tuition plan, you purchase an agreement that covers from one to 5 years of tuition. You can pick a community college, four-year university or a mix of both. If you want your kid to take their very first 2 years at a community college and complete their degree in a four year college, you can do that as well.

If your kid wishes to participate in a another school than the one you purchased the prepaid for, you can still utilize the cash even if that school isn't really covered by the strategy. That's due to the fact that you can use the money for tuition at another college or university.

However, while you can utilize the cash you invested, you do not get the rates that you secured when you purchased the strategy. Rather, you'll pay the rates charged by your kid's college of option.


Study Abroad with a Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan for Higher Education

Posted on Aug 12, 2017 with No comments
Every parent wants their child to get the best education, and studying at some of the best universities in the world is hardly a distant dream today. But an education abroad does not come cheap. Tuition fees, accommodation expenses, books, clothes, and other living costs all need to be taken into account when you’re planning to an educational program to study abroad.

And while an education loan may seem like the obvious choice to finance this dream, the loan does not cover living expenses or the cost of medical emergencies. A personal loan can therefore be more useful.

With loans up to Rs.25 lakh and attractive interest rates, personal loans offered by banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) are a good option to meet your education-related expenses.

However, there are certain factors that you must keep in mind when it comes to your Bajaj Finserv personal loan for education. If you are applying for one, here is a handy guide:

Loan Amount: This is the fund you request from your lender. This fund is also your principal amount and on which the interest will be charged. More the loan amount you apply for more will be the interest you have to pay.

Tenor: This is the amount of time you take to pay off the loan. The tenor is calculated in months i.e. 12, 24, 36 and 60. Hence, you have up to 5 years to pay off your personal loan. When the loan repayment starts, most of your EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) is accumulated towards the interest and as the period progresses, the amount is used for the principal amount.

Interest Rate: Rate of interest depends on your lender. The rate of interest is the constant but is different for different financial institutions. Hence, you must compare all the rates of different lenders who are offering you a personal and choose the lender who is offering the lowest interest rate.

Credit Score: For getting a loan approved, you must have an ideal credit score of 750. A credit score is calculated on the basis of your regularity of repaying loan EMI. Your lender will cross check everything and then decide whether to sanction the loan or not.

A personal loan EMI calculator will show you the amount of instalment you will have to pay each month. This will decide whether your current income will be sufficient to pay off your EMIs. Also, a personal loan can be paid off within 1 to 5 years which gives you sufficient time to plan your future expenses. Hence, you must decide your loan tenor carefully.

If you are applying for a personal loan, then you must know that your interest amount depends on the loan amount you are applying for.

You must consider the factors involved and cost of the course and then decide accordingly the amount you can opt for in a personal loan.


Importance of the Assessment Tests in Interview

Posted on Jul 16, 2017 with No comments

Finding out a well eligible candidate is a difficult task. There are various factors that should be taken into account for the selection of a deserving applicant. The whole procedure is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort and time for finding out a proper employee. Various numbers of candidates generally appear for a specific interview.

An interview is segmented into a number of rounds for the selection of the best aspirant and the rounds can be associated with a number of tests such as aptitude assessment test, technical knowledge assessment test, and soft skill assessment test and so on. Different interviews are associated with the different rounds such as cognitive ability assessment test can be a part of the assessment test in some interviews.

The assessments tests are an integral part of every interview. In general, a number of pre-employment aptitude test is taken for the selection of the best candidates. A range of examples can be taken such as numerical reasoning aptitude, verbal reasoning aptitude, diagrammatic tests, situation assessment tests, and cognitive ability aptitude and so on.

Many companies test the aptitude concepts at the initial rounds of the interview so that the eligible candidates can be selected for the next phases of the interview. There are various reliable websites that provide the online aptitude assessment facility in order to assess the aptitude knowledge level of the job applicants.

Advantages of Online-Mode Tests

  • These tests help to select the eligible candidates to the next level of the interview.
  • Online mode simplifies the overall exam structure.
  • Sometimes, the particular assessment tests can be taken virtually that means candidates can appear for the tests anywhere and not necessarily in the company’s headquarters. Of course, this totally depends on the decision of the company.
  • Online mode can reduce the interview cost of the company.

The employee assessment test is very crucial to assess the knowledge level of the job aspirants. Today, many companies arrange the initial assessment test through the internet. The aspirants can give these tests from anywhere of their comfort zones. 

Through this particular process, the companies can save some cost for an interview and the overall time frame. So, the assessment tests are very important for finding a deserving candidate. The importance of the assessment tests are as follows:

  • These assessments tests can helpin finding out the level of the strength and knowledge of the basic and fundamental concepts of the job applicants.
  • The assessment tests are used to assess the different aptitude skills (verbal, numerical etc) of the job applicants.
  • They help to examine the cognitive ability of a student along with his/her strength and weak areas.
  • Whether an aspirant can handle the job role properly and whether they can take the important decisions in various situations - all these answers can be found out by the assessment tests.
  • The knowledge ofrequiredsoftware and technical aspects can be assessed.
  • The English proficiency, the interpersonal skills, and the conversational style can be assessed.

The assessment tests help to simplify the tedious job of selecting appropriate candidates.


Car for College - Make Sure You Have a Clear or Lien-free Title?

Posted on Jul 14, 2017 with No comments

Many people end up purchasing vehicles through a loan method. When this happens, a lien is placed on the vehicle's title by the loan institution until the loan is paid off. During this time, the loan institution technically owns the vehicle. In order to clean up any gray area on the matter, here is a further look at a title loan if you have a clear and lien-free vehicle title.

Checking for Other Liens on the Vehicle Before it is Purchased

All loan institutions need to do some research on a vehicle's title before they issue a new loan on it. If there is a pre-existing lien against the vehicle, then that lien has to be cleared before a new lien can be placed on it. This situation can be problematic for instances where someone might be trying to sell a vehicle without going through an auto dealership. In order to have the right to sell that vehicle without going to a third party, the lien against the vehicle must be cleared first. Otherwise, a new lien might be denied on the vehicle until that previous lien is paid off. In short, multiple liens cannot be placed on one vehicle at any given time.

People looking to buy a car outright from another person without going to a dealership can check for liens against vehicles themselves. Services like those found at Car Fax usually provide this check for a relatively low price or completely free. The only information needed is the car's VIN.

Paying Off the Car Loan Sooner Rather than Later

The first step to gaining a lien-free vehicle title is to focus on paying off the loan for that vehicle promptly. All loans come with a set time frame of when the vehicle has to be paid off, which helps to determine what the monthly loan payments on the car have to be. It is important to note, however, that this time frame is the maximum length of time a person has to pay off that car loan. 

If larger payments can be made within that time frame, then the loan will be paid off sooner. Some people just pay their loans by rote habit for the sake of just meeting their minimum monthly payments. People need to understand this one fact, though: that monthly payment is just as stated above, a minimum due. The sooner a car loan is paid off, the sooner the lien on the title will be lifted. 

Having a Lien-Free Title Actually Means True Ownership

As eluded to previously, a person does not own their vehicle until the lien against it has been paid off. The only way to have a vehicle title that is clear and free means the loan institution releases the title to the vehicle owner without anything imposed against it. Usually, a new title is issued without the lien. Some institutions do not include the cost of generating this new title in the cost of the loan, so vehicle owners need to beware that there might be an extra cost involved.

If a person is in a tight situation where they need access to some money fast, they need to be aware that their vehicle cannot be used as collateral for a loan, no matter how small, until that original loan is paid off. Not any one loan institution of reputable standing will place a second lien against a car if one already exists. 

Once the loan is paid and the title is clear, a situation might arise where a second loan can be used with the vehicle as collateral. Not all loan institutions are willing to go this route, though. Paying off the loan is the only way to have the title loan if you have a clear and lien-free vehicle title.

Obtaining a lien-free vehicle is a logical process. The outstanding loan needs to be paid before the car is sold to someone else. A loan institution will only make the person with the loan a full owner if the title loan if you have a clear and lien-free vehicle title.


Free College? Great Scholarships On the Web

Posted on Jul 5, 2017 with No comments
Every year, millions of dollars of free money for college goes unclaimed because students aren't aware of it. The Internet is a storehouse of information on scholarships and grantsfor students of all ages—but you have to know the best ways to find it.

Most scholarships are for either $500 or $1,000, although some offer as much as $10,000 per year. Some students are awarded several different scholarships. Nearly every college
or university offers full scholarships that cover tuition and living expenses. 


  • Start your search at This popular search engine constantly updates its listings on scholarships, grants, paid fellowships and other awards.
  • Plug in money words. Start with "scholarship." Then search related money words, such as "grant".. ."fellowship".. ."assistantship," etc. These will lead you to more revenue sources. 
  • Search with word strings. When you type more than one word in the search field, the listings will be more specific to your particular needs. Just enter the search words with a space between each word—you don't need to include "and" or a plus sign. 

EXAMPLE: Scholarship graphic design New York 2010. The location you include can be either where you live or where you want to go to school. Change one word at a time after your initial search. In the example above, replace "scholarship" with "grant" or "graphic
design" with "art." 

HELPFUL : Make a list of key words and their synonyms to include in your scholarship search.

  • Bypass commercial sites. Typing "—.com" in the search field streamlines your search by eliminating paid-for scholarship search services. 
  • Search your interests. No matter what you like to do — play tennis, skydive, act, quilt— there are probably scholarships available. Pair your interests with the word "scholarship" in your search engine. 
  • Search the sites of major foundations, associations and companies. Many offer scholarships. 



4 Tax Tips for Students in Seasonal Jobs

Posted on Jun 29, 2017 with No comments
Working a seasonal job is a great way for students to pick up some additional spending money or to pay down that cell phone bill. Follow the four tax tips below to make sure your next seasonal job is headache-free when tax season rolls around.

Make a Resume

Okay, I know this isn't much of a tax tip, but you won't need any tax tips if you don't get the job, and having all your ducks in a row before you even apply for the job will help make sure you get it in the first place.

Even if you're a student without much of a work history, you're still going to need to gather together all your personal info and references to put down on your job application, so why not have them ready to go in resume form? You'll make a better first impression at your interview and will have a better chance of getting the job, compared to all those other kids who don't have resumes and show up unprepared.

Keep Your Own Records

Always track your own hours and pay. Employers sometimes make mistakes, so you don't want to lose out on any pay that you earned. Just keep a doc on your phone or write it all down in a little notebook every day. Record your start time and end time every day and the total hours worked per day and per pay period. Then go back when you get your paycheck and make sure that everything adds up. If you find a discrepancy, don't be shy—inform your employers so that they can make things right. A money management service might be able to help you do this more easily.

Don't Forget To Declare Your Tips

Tips count as income too, and you're required by law to report them to the IRS if you earn more than $20 in tips in any given month. Since you're keeping track of your hours and pay as recommended above, it's not hard to add in one more number to your notepad.

Hey, you want to be treated like an adult, right? Well, the flip side of that is acting like an adult, so follow the law and declare all your income.

Do Your Taxes For Free Using IRS Free File

Sure, you could go to your Dad's tax accountant and get your income taxes filed for 50 bucks or whatever, but why pay for tax services when you can get them done for free? The IRS offers students a service online called IRS Free File. It's easy to use and totally free.

Even if you don't end up earning enough at this job to owe federal taxes, you still need to declare that income and file a tax return. And if your employer withheld any earnings from your paychecks for taxes, then only way to get that money back is to file your taxes.

Okay, so you've got your resume, and you've got your notepad ready to track your hours, earnings and tips. You even know where to go to file your taxes for free. Looks like you're all set! Now get out there and make that money! And don't forget to toss Mom a few bucks for gas money.


5 Ways Students Can Save Money with a Staycation this Year

Posted on Jun 23, 2017 with No comments
Managing money and arranging a trip are 2 things that do not typically go together, however it is feasible to organize a trip without shelling out a lot of money.

In the last couple of years, staycations have actually ended up being more and more frequent with university student-- and it's simple to see why.

Still how can you save cash on your staycation? Is it likely to experience a few days away with your loved ones for $200? We've rounded up 5 ideas to do precisely that.

Find Alternatives to Hotels

Rather than opting for a chain resort for your vacation away, look at the advantages of bed and breakfast lodging.

Not just are B&B s typically more affordable than hotels, nevertheless they're homely, comfy and informal-- you're always assured a personalized service.

Travel When Prices are Low

Stay away from summertime vacations, national holiday and on-peak times if you wish to save money on your lodging and activities.

Typically speaking, the months of March-May and September-November are best for a staycation, as you'll still have the ability to see warm temperature without needing to pay a premium for your lodging.

Don't Eat Out

Depending upon the length of time you're going on vacation for, this idea will not consistently be ideal. Nevertheless, if you're deciding on a staycation, bring your own meals and treats so that you can steer clear of pricey room service, coffee shops and takeout costs.

One practical tip is having cereal bars to save money on breakfasts, and sodas to keep kids hydrated on their trips.

Try to find cost-free adventures

Another fantastic method to save money on your staycation is to watch out for cost-free activities that the entire household can appreciate.

Naturally, taking a walk along the beach or country must come at the top of your list.

Check out a gallery or tourist attraction, and save more by preparing a picnic to minimize splashing out on pricey sandwiches and beverages.

Only Use Your car

Rather than wasting money on buses or planes, think about taking your vehicle on your staycation.

Not just will it be easier, yet it'll be more affordable and will mean you will not have to depend on public transportation and taxis when driving around your trip location.

There you have it-- 5 ideas to save money on your next staycation.

Have a wonderful time, and keep in mind that by thinking before you buy, you'll have the opportunity to save money that you can use towards your next college break.


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